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Dabanking is a game platform based on ethereum blockchain with DAB tokens as official tokens to trigger transactions on that platform. After Dabanking has finished building their own blockchain, the DAB token will eventually be exchanged. A limited number of two hundred million DAB tokens will be provided and one can only use the mining wallet to get it. Even other teams or third parties cannot have access to DAB tokens other than the use of mining wallets.

DABANKING Building a game ecosystem application is finally here, unless it’s not there. Over the past few months, the ever increasing flow of computer games has emerged that have used cryptocurrency in one way or another, but despite the increasing frequency, only a few actually use the Ethereum or Bitcoin mechanism to provide decentralized games. experience. In fact, most of them can be missed for traditional games without anyone hitting the eyelids, because the use of cryptocurrency or blockchain generally comes more as an addition to the dynamics of gameplay and genres that exist than as a basic reworking of them. Blockchain game, Alien Run, Miner Simulator, Itadaki Dungeon,

DABANKING The Blockchain technology makes decentralized applications more flexible, transparent, distributed, resilient and has a structure with incentives that is better than the current software model. DABANKING Project was born with a noble mission to become a platform for Utility Blockchain pioneers in creating an environment for building Dapps with decentralized entertainment services with transparency, fairness and optimal user experience. And we believe that DABANKING’s Blockchain technology can strengthen it with a true and reliable framework.

There are three types of wallets called ENERGY WALLET which are specifically designed to mine DAB tokens. You must get this wallet if you have to take part in the DAB mining program. These three wallets are MINAL WALLET, GREEN WALLET and GOLD WALLET. These three wallets each have a special function to do in the mining process of DAB tokens. However, before a user can successfully complete the DAB token mining process, it is mandatory that TREASURY PACKAGED be purchased and activated.


TREASURI PACKAGE is an important aspect of DAB mining, users are permitted to purchase TREASURI PACKAGES in an amount of not less than $ 200 in ETH amounts. They can also buy as much as $ 5,000 depending on the decision of the developer who has access to a tool that determines the maximum number of TREASURY packages that a person can buy per time. When TREASURY PACKAGED is activated, the GOLD WALLET will add 800% of the package value paid by the user and the GREEN WALLET will add 200% of the package value to the first package purchase and also add 100% of the package value package to the second package and will continue in that pattern .

obtained L7.png

This TREASURI PACKAGE calculation is carried out according to the ETH value when the user deposits ETH to purchase the TREASURI PACKAGE and ETH will be confirmed. Knowing well that ETH prices went up and down, the team had considered this and decided that for the number of TREASURY PACKAGES to be received, ETH deposits must be confirmed by the blockchain. if not, if the increase between the deposit time and the confirmation time of the TREASURI PACKAGE price will also increase,


Assuming a user buys a treasury package for the first time with an amount of ETH worth $ 1000; such a user will receive $ 8000 in the GOLD DEPARTMENT and will receive $ 2000 in the GREEN WALLET for the first time of purchase. MINING WALLET is designed to receive 0.5% of the GREEN WALLET value every day. With this, GREEN WALLET continues to decrease every day because the amount flowing through the MINING WALLET the previous day is reduced. 
Let me further break it down into my readers’ understanding, for example, the user buys a $ 1000 package and the GREEN WALLET has $ 2000.

days 1: 0.5% from $ 2000 is $ 10 will flow through WALLET MINING and $ 1990 GREEN WALLET 
days 2: 0.5% from $ 1990 will flow through WALLET MINING and GREEN WALLET remaining $ 1980.05 
days 3: 0.5% of $ 1980.05 is $ 9, 90025 will flow through the remaining $ 1970 DOMPET MINING and GREEN WALLET, the 14975 
process will continue every day until the amount in the GREEN WALLET becomes 0.

Token DAA

The DAA Token has a maximum inventory of 20,000,000 DAA and is gradually being exploited when users buy tickets and play games with ETH and this is the only way to get DAA tokens.

The DAA Token mining process has 10 stages, each stage has 10 rounds, a maximum of 200,000 DAAs are exploited every round.

In the first round when you buy a ticket or lose a game with the amount of 0.05 ETH, you have succeeded in mining 1.66666667 DAA, currently 60% is 1 DAA directly to your wallet and 40% is 0.66666667 DAA to the wallet of the developer DABANKING.

If you play a game that wins in the first round, you need a volume of 0.055 to successfully exploit 1.66666667 DAA and receive 1 DAA.


DABANKING aims at long-term development, delivering entertainment services to a decentralized application platform, giving back power to users. The development team has come up with a long-term strategy to make DABANKING a strong ecosystem that allows millions of customers to experience our services.

I believe with this simple explanation, you can appreciate the uniqueness of the DAB mining process and be a part of it. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to get it from the link below. Also, you should join social media to get regular updates.

Website:  https://dabanking.io/
Whitepaper:  http://dabanking.io/static/whitepaper.pdf
Discord:  https://discordapp.com/invite/uqfMjYV
Telegram:  https://t.me/DABANKINGOFFICIAL
Youtube:  http://bit.ly/2VYtVOV
Medium:  https://medium.com/@dabanking.io
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/dabanking.io/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com / Dabanking_io bitcointalk profile

Username: shisepti
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2653693

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